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Good and interesting question.  In part, I'd say Durrell's Romantic sensibilities are at work and he likes the exotic name.  The setting, however, is Crete, and Cefalû, the town near the labyrinth, is actually on nearby Sicily.  Another possibility is that Durrell wants to fictionalize his setting — a kind of diversion from the actual.  I also see this process in his method of characterization.  I'm now working on that problem.


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> Thanks for the confirmation; I picked that up also, especially with the mention of Slade School.
> I have another question, perhaps stupid: why was DL first published under the name of Cefalû, which as far as I know has nothing to do with Crete?
> Must be down on my Greek mythology, even if my daughter is named Ariane.
> Marc
> Le 08/05/11 04:52, Charles Sligh a écrit :
>> On 5/6/11 7:54 AM, Meta Cerar wrote:
>>> I wonder if the women in the DL, and especially Boecklin, are really aspects of Nancy? Unfortunately I know very little about her from what I've read in the biographies, so I cannot say, but maybe one of you can contribute a more elaborate opinion here?
>> Hello, Meta.  I am attempting to do my part, enjoying dips into The Dark Labyrinth between some heroic bouts of chainsawing.  (Our oaks are all down on the ground here in Tennessee, post-tornadoes.)
>> Your question about Nancy's possible presence in the pages of The Dark Labyrinth seems best answered by the following moment, in which Baird's first encounter with his wife is recalled:
>>> He met Alice Lidell in the tea-room of the Tate Gallery and fell in love with her at sight. She was tall and beautiful and her fine blonde hair picked up the reflected light from the long mirrors, twinkling as she combed it.  ("Portraits," The Dark Labyrinth)
>> The connection of Alice's elemental blondness with the Slade School makes this more than suggestive, of course.
>> Why Alice Lidell?  I naturally think of Dean Liddell's daughter, Carroll's muse, little Alice Liddell.  As to what any of it means, I can't say.  
>> I smiled just a bit when Hogerth began to lampoon Boyd's book -- which uses psychoanalysis to "trace" repressed truths from Poe's "Raven" and Dickens's novels.  Also curious was Alice's mistrust of "another attempt by these psychologists to put the artist in the strait jacket of a clinical definition."   
>> I will keep reporting my finds.  I hope that others will share as they can. 
>> Charles
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