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LD was a man of eclectic interests, wide and deep reading and given to extensive research for many of his literary projects. He also lived at a time when astrology and occult science (1920s, 30s and 40s) were very fashionable. As I teach at a Waldorf school I was amazed to see Durrell referencing Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher, anthroposophist and occult scientist. In DL his followers are appalled at Fearmax's antics.

Pleased that people are picking up Dark Labyrinth. I shall do so also. I have also resolved to communicate with Gordon Bowker about the book's title because, despite using that title for his biography, he barely discusses the book; something I am curious about.

Like you Meta, I am fascinated by LD as both a writer and a person. I would like to have known him in the way that some of you have. I have enjoyed his books since childhood and continue to do so. I also know that Bruce Redwine does too and has written extensively on his works.

Charles, reading maybe a pleasure but writing often is not. writing often comes from deep personal angst, a sense of loss, a dark labyrinth indeed. hence, perhaps, the saying

"what is written without pain, is read without pleasure!"

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