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the reference to Parisian hairy armpits and the need for deodorants comes 
from, I think, the Durrell Miller letters which I read a while back and have 
a memory this observation. however, as the book is in possession I cannot 
confirm it, but perhaps others can..?


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> Hello all,
> Can anyone help out Leonard Worman (see below)?
> Best,
> James
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> I have been an avid reader of LD since publication of Justine. I am
> writing you in the hope you can identify a paragraph from a Durrell
> writing, or a letter (Miller)or a biography)where LD complains about the
> women in Paris, having unshaven armpits & needing deodorants.I have
> spent untold hours looking for this item (for important personal
> reasons)& certainly hope you can cite this reference for me. Thank you
> very much. Sincerely, Leonard Worman.
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