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As an amusing aside on Durrell's interest in sexualities, here's a quote
from his brother Gerald's book "Fillets of Plaice", from a story about the
family's adventures on Corfu (no prizes for guessing where Gerald took his
title from). Larry is talking about a young family guest, Leonora.

'My God, she's lovely,' said Larry admiringly. 'But I'm sure she's a
Lesbian. She resists all my advances.'

'She's certainly very lovely,' said Sven, 'so beautiful in fact that it
almost makes me wish I weren't a homosexual. However, there are advantages
to being homosexual.'

'I think to be bisexual is best,' said Larry, 'then you've got the best of
both worlds, as it were.'

> On Mar 26, 2011, at 12:37 PM, Rony Alfandary wrote:
> > Thanks for the very illuminating piece on Durrell's concept of sexuality.
> one can see from his writings that he was thinking about all kinds of
> sexualities, his interest in psychoanalysis supports this and i think that
> if he was born in a different era he may have been less inhibited in trying
> out in practice what he tried out in fiction. but that is true for most of
> us, isn't it?
> > anyhow, i had this crazy notion, and this may seem off the wall , that
> the character of Dr Balthazar was  in fact connected to Durrell's interest
> in Groddeck.
> > i find it interesting that he chose Balthazar of all possible characters
> to present Darley with the interliner. somehow, it evoke in me Groddeck's
> letters to Freud where Groddeck insisted on being Freud's disciple.
> > Rony
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