[ilds] Durrell, Freud and Justine

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Sat Mar 19 18:42:00 PDT 2011

Hi Rony,

I believe the Fliess letters were first published 4 or 5 years (in 
English translation) prior to /Justine/.  I have a note for it at home, 
so I'll check it this evening.


On 19/03/11 12:13 PM, Rony Alfandary wrote:
> Hello all,
>   i am currently exploring the way Durrell used a quotation from Freud's
> letter to Fliess in Justine. i have noticed that the book he was
> supposed to be quatting from "The Letters of Sigmund Freud" (which is at
> Carbondale) was only published in 1960 while Justine itself was
> published earlier. obviously he must have read, or heard , that letter,
> or part of t, from another source. this is ls indicated  by the fact
> that the quotation is slightly different from the original text which
> suggests Durrell read the letter in another language, other than English.
> i know this is a slight matter, but it does raise my curiosity. i wonder
> if any of you know anything about this, namely, where did Durrell come
> across that letter. i couldn't find  a clue in either biographies.
> Thanks,
> Rony
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