[ilds] Durrell, Freud and Justine

Rony Alfandary alfandary at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 12:13:04 PDT 2011

Hello all,
 i am currently exploring the way Durrell used a quotation from Freud's
letter to Fliess in Justine. i have noticed that the book he was supposed to
be quatting from "The Letters of Sigmund Freud" (which is at Carbondale) was
only published in 1960 while Justine itself was published earlier. obviously
he must have read, or heard , that letter, or part of t, from another
source. this is ls indicated  by the fact that the quotation is slightly
different from the original text which suggests Durrell read the letter in
another language, other than English.
i know this is a slight matter, but it does raise my curiosity. i wonder if
any of you know anything about this, namely, where did Durrell come across
that letter. i couldn't find  a clue in either biographies.
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