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LGD had a subscription to "La revue Critique". 
Critique n° 654 : The whole issue was on 
Wittgenstein : nouvelles lectures 2001


B.R. Marc

Le 14/03/11 18:05, Bruce Redwine a écrit :
> Is there any evidence that suggests LGD had read or was familiar with
> the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)? I cannot find any in
> the Bowker (1997) or MacNiven (1998) biographies, nor in /The
> Durrell-Miller Letters/ (1988). I doubt that Durrell dabbled in
> Wittgenstein, although how Pursewarden got his first name is an
> interesting question, which is probably just a coincidence.
> Wittgenstein, however, was committed to the idea, in the words of Hans
> Sluga, "that there is no such thing as the self" (see "'Whose house is
> that?': Wittgenstein on the Self" in /The Cambridge Companion to
> Wittgenstein/ [1996], p. 350). This is a big topic in philosophy, and
> the ideas of a "philosophical self" and an "everyday self" are not the
> same. Wittgenstein dealt with the former, Durrell with the latter (I
> tend to believe — but maybe not).
> Bruce
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