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Yes.  And how does Lawrence Durrell use the Classical/Renaissance convention of pastoral?  How does he rework it?  What's new about his usage?  He goes to his various islands and retreats, real and fictional, in search of otium, but he does not come back "cured and happy."


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> Yes, and in the Renaissance, the pastoral world is in contrast to the urban world. Characters from the city or the court go into the pastoral world to seek and to find redemption, love, otium. It's a world of artistic development. After finding what they were looking for,  they can go back to the city or court -- cured and happy.
> Consider Shakespeare's As You Like It with its forest of Arden.
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> Bruce, I like the idea of the island books being a kind of modern pastoral. I can see it: the poet and his friend amidst a rustic background discussing the great issues (Prospero's Cell particularly) and the philosophical peasants in place of the shepherds - 'where the shepherd is the artist and the goats make music with the wind' to quote RW Hedges. certainly a fair number of Larry's beloved Elizabethans wrote pastorals and this could have influenced him very much. Perhaps this explains the timeless unreality of Prospero's Cell - indeed much of Durrell's writing. To be honest the man is his own genre.
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