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an interesting peice. my view is that what is happening in Alexandria is part of general trend. the so called popular movements in North Africa and parts of the Middle East are part of drift toward a stricter version of Islam. This may not be the intention of them, but I think it will be the result. The bars in Turkey are closing down too. Sounds like Larry would have trouble finding a drink in The City of Memory these days. The days of the secular Arab League appear to be numbered.

At least there is balance in the world. bars are opening up rather than closing down here in the antipodes. we may no longer be a nation of beer swilling boors, but wine consumption is off the Richter scale and French type cafe/bars are opening up all over the place.


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Please see the Wall Street Journal piece below for several glances at Durrell's Alexandrian moment.

The historical coverage in the article is a bit botched.  This story has been in the works for several weeks, with one of the authors interviewing prominent Alexandrians and biographers of modern Alexandria.  An editor's hand may or may not be at fault.  I suspect that what we read this morning has been cut down to size in light of how the West's attention has drifted away from Egypt and on to other events.   Sad for the Alexandrians. . . .


A Tale of Two Alexandrias (Wall Street Journal)
Over the past six decades, Egypt's second city has morphed from cosmopolitan oasis into Islamist stronghold
MARCH 5, 2011


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