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Dear all:

Patrick Leigh Fermor's father served the Raj as a geologist and spent most
of his adult life in India.  After he and Leigh Fermor's mother separated
when Leigh Fermor was still a small child, she settled in provincial England
with Leigh Fermor and his sister (or sisters).  He rarely saw his father
again after that.

In his writings, Leigh Fermor seems to recall more about his father's stuff
- butterfly nets, specimen glasses, geology hammers, jackets, boots - than
about his father.

Consider this:  in *Montolive, *Montolive's father is long absent, having
abandoned Montolive as a small child, deciding to stay and spend the
remainder of his life in India as a scholar while he and his mother settle
in provincial England.  What Montolive recalls of his little known father is
defined by his belongings - objects of curiosity - at his mother's house.

Leigh Fermor and LD were friends, beginning with their acquaintance in Egypt
prior to the writing of *the Quartet*.  Is it not plausible that Leigh
Fermor's experience could likely constitute the basis for Montolive's own
paternal experience?


PS:  Forgive me if some has already thought of this!  Don't forget:  I'm an
amateur...  But since Leigh Fermor is still living, perhaps the
question should be put to him?

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