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Riemerlehen, August 1, 18991
IX., Berggasse 19

Dear Wilhelm,

I am sending you the first proofs of the introductory (literature) chapter
in two envelopes at the same time. If there is anything you object to, send
me that page with your remarks; there is still time to use them, until the
second or third proofs. I cannot tell you how much good your lively interest
in this work does me. Unfortunately, this chapter will prove to be a hard
test for the reader.

Things are incomparably beautiful here; we take walks, long and short, and
all of us are very well, except for my occasional symptoms. I am working on
the completion of the dream book in a large, quiet, ground-floor room with a
view of the mountains. My old and grubby gods, of whom you think so little,
take part in the work as paperweights for my manuscripts. The loss of the
big dream that you eliminated is to be compensated for by the insertion of a
small collection of dreams(harmless, absurd dreams; calculations and
speeches in dreams; affects in dreams). Only the last, psychological chapter
needs to be reworked, and that I shall perhaps tackle in September and send
you in manuscript form or — bring with me. It occupies my full interest.

There are some mushrooms here as well, though not yet many. The children
naturally join in the hunt for them. The birthday of the

- 363 -

mistress of the house was duly celebrated, among other things by a family
excursion to Bartholomäussee [Königssee]. You should have seen Annerl on the
Königssee! Martin, who lives entirely in his fantasy world here, built
himself a malepartus2 in the woods and said yesterday, “I do not actually
believe that my so-called poems are really good.” We did not disturb him in
his moment of insight. Oli is again practicing the exact recording of
routes, distances, names of places and mountains. Mathilde is a complete
human being and of course altogether feminine. All of them are doing fine.

I presume you have tried in vain to convince Father Pineles that both of us
are prophets. He is otherwise a likable and fine, knowledgeable man who has
become closer to me because he is a relative of my old friend Professor
Herzig. He has inhaled too much of the clinical air, which contains a
variety of potent toxins. I hear that Breuer commented on my last work
(forgetting), saying once again he was not surprised that no one thought
anything of my work if I left gaps of that sort. He thought I had failed to
demonstrate how I visualized the connections between death and sexuality.
Once the dream book is ready and published, he will be able to be appalled
by the contrary, by the abundant indiscretions. Only if chance will have
bestowed a title on me (most unlikely) will he crawl on his stomach.

The farther the work of the past year recedes, the more satisfied I become.
But bisexuality! You are certainly right about it. I am accustoming myself
to regarding every sexual act as a process in which four individuals are
involved. We have a lot to discuss on this topic.

A good deal of what you say in your letter distresses me greatly. I wish I
could help.

Give my most cordial greetings to your whole family and do remember
Riemerlehen, where I am.

Most cordially,


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