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A quick online check gives the date as 1 August 1899, if Harry Trosman 
is quoting it correctly in /Journal of the American Psychoanalytic 

As Charles and Michael Haag have pointed out, "modern love" was 
"bisexual love" in the earlier forms of the novel, but Faber didn't 
approve...  We had "much to talk about" on the list some 4 years ago! 
You can search the list archives here if it's a help:



The epigrams were discussed quite a bit when the listserv was moved from 
Florida to British Columbia, so it's at the bottom of the Archive page 
in April 2007.


On 16/02/11 8:25 AM, James Gifford wrote:
> Hi Rony,
> It's page 289 in this edition:
> Freud, Sigmund. /The Origins of Psycho-analysis; Letters to Wilhelm
> Fliess, Drafts and Notes, 1887-1902/. Ed. Marie Bonaparte, Anna Freud,
> and Ernst Kris. Trans. Eric Mosbacher and James Strachey. New York:
> Basic Books, 1954.
> Alas, I don't have the date, but a quick look through the index to
> Freud's works or the concordance should do it.
> It's worth noting the context of the epigram to /Justine/.  The
> preceding two sentences prior to those quotes are:
> "Now for bisexuality! I am sure you are right."
> Best,
> James
> On 16/02/11 2:52 AM, Rony Alfandary wrote:
>> hello,
>> i am sure many will know this - but i am looking for the exact letter to
>> Fliess from which Durrell took his quotation by Freud regarding the four
>> people involved in every sexual act etc in Justine.
>> much obliged.
>> Rony
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