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Tue Feb 15 13:57:48 PST 2011

Hi Bruce,

I've attached the advert and order form for Corinne's book here.  It's 
hot off the presses and only reached my hands last week -- it's worth 
getting for those interested in the scholarly matters or for anyone who 
was in the Paris 2008 conference.

My piece is:

Gifford, James and Michael Stevens. "A Variant of Lawrence Durrell's 
Livia; or, Buried Alive & the Composition of Monsieur; or, the Prince of 
Darkness." /Lawrence Durrell at the Crossroads of Arts and Sciences/. 
Eds. Corinne Alexandre-Garner, Isabelle Keller-Privat, & Murielle 
Philippe. Paris: Presses Universitaires de Paris Ouest, 2010. 173-193.

I dug up some intended revisions to /Monsieur/ that were too late for 
the print run, and Stevens and I contend that this influenced his first 
visions of /Livia/, a fragment of which was received by /The Malahat 
Review/ and published as "Gog and Magog."  He revised again to bury his 
tracks, but it seems to set out the Avignon Quintet's vision in plainer 
terms than is usually the case.


On 15/02/11 1:40 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
> James,
> You've probably posted this before.  Please do so again.  What are the titles of Alexandre-Garner's book and your essay?
> Bruce
> On Feb 15, 2011, at 11:04 AM, James Gifford wrote:
>> Yes, Michael is a very fine scholar, and I think he was born within
>> shouting distance of the Canadian border, so the Northward pull must
>> have been irresistible.  The bookcases of his home have been featured in
>> some Canadian magazines as well...  He does good work.
>> I have a piece in Corinne's most recent book that gently muses over
>> genetic criticism, which is still largely a French activity outside of
>> the Joyce scholarship.  My co-author Michael Stevens, a young scholar at
>> Trinity College Dublin, did very good work on that piece.  The Joyce
>> scholars are doing more with genetic criticism than anyone else in 20th
>> Century literature, so far as I can see.
>> Cheers,
>> James
>> On 15/02/11 10:46 AM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>>> The 4 February 2011 issue of /The Time Literary Supplement/ has several
>>> good reviews (re Nabokov, plagiarism, Joyce). In particular is Sarah
>>> Davison's very interesting article on two recent publications on Joyce.
>>> Her review of Michael Groden's book on JJ focuses on topics recently
>>> touched upon by the ILDS List. Namely, "genetic criticism" (the
>>> evolution of a manuscript and assessing that importance), which seems to
>>> be of interest to James and Charles, and the impact of an author's work
>>> on a reader, which many List participants have related with respect to
>>> Lawrence Durrell. The latter I find intriguing as an approach to writing
>>> and publication — an indication that scholarship is breaking out of its
>>> narrow confines and finds it acceptable to relate the personal. I have
>>> ordered Groden's book. Michael Groden is Canadian, and that should
>>> please many, James especially.
>>> Bruce
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