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Hey Bill,

 > My copy of the British edition lacks a dj.

Then, Bill, you must buy!!

The dust jackets and type settings are distinct.  I didn't compare the 
potential for different printings of Covici-Friede apart from the one in 
Victoria and my own copy, but I could find no evidence of more than one 
edition or impression by Covici-Friede.  It's certainly more common to 
find than the Faber, though I suspect that's because I've spent most of 
my time in North American libraries -- were I in London, I'm sure the 
Faber would be easier to find...  I don't know the extent of the print runs.

I also couldn't find any evidence that Durrell had any direct hand in 
the Covici-Friede edition, so I used the earlier Faber as my copytext. 
There were incidental differences between the two, such as ligatures, 
but nothing suggesting any revisions.  I didn't do a formal collation 
since I would have had to do it all inside the library (UVic, 
fortunately, had both editions), but I did at one  point note every 
variation between the two texts -- I don't have those notes handy, but I 
think they included a paragraph break, some punctuation, ligatures, and 
one or two spellings, plus the subtitle.  I'd have to dig that notebook 
up to check further...

Alas, the bookseller is incorrect when he states "never reprinted"... 
2008 wasn't so long ago, and it's still in print through ELS:


As my edition states:

> This Edition
> This edition draws on the Faber and Faber first edition in 1937 in com-
> parison with the subsequent American edition by Covici Friede later
> in the same year, nearly contemporaneous with the firm’s bankruptcy.
> A few obvious typographical errors have been silently corrected, and
> spellings with ligatures have been modernized throughout. In contrast
> to Durrell’s later works, there are no authorial revisions between the
> two editions, which has simplified my task.

The lack of mss. and tss. for both /Pied Piper of Lovers/ and /Panic 
Spring/ made things easier as well...  Getting a reliable period of 
composition was more work!


On 12/02/11 2:42 PM, William Godshalk wrote:
> I wonder if we may have two different editions here. The American
> edition (Covici-Friede) has been reset apparently from the British
> edition. But the two editions are quite different in terms of typeface
> and size. One is called a romance, the other a novel.
> Are the dust jackets similar? My copy of the British edition lacks a dj.
> I haven't collated them -- James surely has -- and I await instruction.
> On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 12:52 PM, Charles Sligh <Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
> <mailto:Charles-Sligh at utc.edu>> wrote:
>     On 2/11/11 12:09 PM, Godshalk, William (godshawl) wrote:
>>             Another question: what is the relationship of the first British edition of Panic Spring to the first American edition? I have a copy of each, but which was published first? I assume that the American edition was second, but if so why did the American publishers pick it up? Because it sold well in GB?
>     Covici-Friede's subsequent bankruptcy may or may not tell us that
>     the publisher had weak sense of what new titles would turn profit.
>     (James may wish to elaborate beyond his textual note
>     <http://www.amazon.com/Panic-Spring-Monograph-Lawrence-Durrell/dp/1550583816/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1297446677&sr=1-1>.)
>     Ian MacNiven has some coverage of the publication history in his
>     biography (127-128).
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