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Sat Feb 12 09:11:16 PST 2011


You're right about no. 1 and perhaps about no. 2.  Sumantra's polite request, however, could have been handled better.  Re "Loeb's Horace," I recall we aired our differences over that poem sometime ago.  I doubt that the readership of the list would want to hear that rehashed, for I haven't changed my mind and you haven't changed yours.


On Feb 12, 2011, at 8:55 AM, James Gifford wrote:

> I suspect #1 & #2 won't lead to much productive discussion.  However, as 
> an aside, I think it's perfectly legitimate to post en français.  It's 
> true many won't be able to follow and fewer will respond, mais tant pis! 
>  The list doesn't officiate over languages!  The membership is quite 
> international as well.
> I disagree profoundly with Bruce's interpretations of "Loeb's Horace," 
> and I do so based on the mss., but I would look forward to the 
> discussion of point #3.
> Best,
> J
> On 12/02/11 8:50 AM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>> Marc,
>> More comments.
>> 1.  As has been the case of late, you don't know what you're talking about.
>> 2.  Sumantra's request is quite reasonable.  If you want to post something in French, then you should provide a translation.  I would guess a large number of the listeners on this list don't know your language.
>> 3.  Have you read "Bitter Lemons" and "Loeb's Horace?"  I would like to hear your opinion about those two poems.
>> Bruce
>> On Feb 12, 2011, at 4:08 AM, Marc Piel wrote:
>>> Hello Sumantra,
>>> 1. I agree that criticism is useful, but real
>>> critique also shows the positive, otherwise it
>>> leads to nothing!
>>> 2. You can try a Google translation. They, at
>>> worst give you a general gist of the subject and
>>> at best, can be quite good.
>>> B.R.
>>> Marc
>>> Le 12/02/11 07:42, Sumantra Nag a écrit :
>>>> 1. On Feb 9, 2011, at 1:17 PM, Marc Piel wrote:
>>>> Bruce, Perhaps you should start your own forum entitled "Against Lawrence
>>>> Durrell - or how to discredit one of the most creative authors of the last
>>>> 60 years". This is not to be taken as aggressive. Just a "just" reaction to
>>>> your systematic negative
>>>> remarks whenever someone defends the talent and acknowledgement of LD.
>>>> Marc
>>>> 2.
>>>> http://www.lefigaro.fr/voyages/2010/11/06/03007-20101106ARTFIG00008-l-alexandrie-de-lawrence-durrell-encore-et-toujours.php
>>>> ------------------------------------------------
>>>> Marc,
>>>> 1. Without wishing to intercede where I probably should not, may I only
>>>> submit my own perception of the cumulative substance that I have seen in the
>>>> contributions from Bruce. On the whole and also in terms of individual
>>>> observations and comments, they don't seem to discredit  Lawrence Durrell.
>>>> On the contrary there appears to be a good deal of critical appreciation if
>>>> you take all the discussions. If a writer's literary reputation is to be
>>>> supported at any time, even at times of relative indifference, a critical
>>>> approach appears to be valuable. This may at times entail the attachment of
>>>> variable values to different works from the author, or even to his conduct,
>>>> without detracting from the core achievements. Again, I'm sorry if I am
>>>> neglecting certain aspects of your exchanges while making these judgements.
>>>> 2. I opened the link to the article from Le Figaro and it promised to be
>>>> very interesting. Alas! I can't follow it in French. I don't suppose there
>>>> is an English version of it. It would be of great interest to me but I
>>>> suppose there is no reason why those without a knowledge of French should
>>>> expect to be treated to an English translation!
>>>> Regards
>>>> Sumantra
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