[ilds] Author Lawrence Durrell playing the guitar in his kitchen

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The dates of the Getty LD collection as noted on the web site are not to be 
 trusted (unless LD can be in Paris and the south at the same time). The 
captions  are incomplete and in at least one case wrong (the lady at the table 
is not a  visitor but Claude).
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If taken on 1/1/60, then at the Mazet Michel, one week before the BBC  team 
arrive for the Huw Weldon i/v. See Brewster's Chronology. 

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Bruce asks "Where?":  

in his kitchen" & at home in the prime of his celebrity.

There is a whole archaeology available in several of those photos.  Cf. 
Cavafy & Durrell on "old furniture."


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I like the blue jeans with the rolled up cuffs.  The date is 1960.  Where?  
In the photo, where Durrell stands under olive trees, are  the stone walls 
behind him the ones he says he built?  


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_A meeting of the board of directors at  publishing house Faber & Faber_ 
(http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/78300667/Hulton-Archive)  to discuss how 
best to use their  paper ration, 25th March 1944. From left to right T. S. 
Eliot, Morley  Kennedy, Geoffrey Faber, W J Crawley, Richard de la Mare and 
Miss C B  Sheldon. Original Publication: Picture Post - 1671 - Do We Read 
Better  Books In Wartime ? - pub. 1944 (Photo by Felix Man and Kurt 
Hutton/Picture  Post/Getty Images)

[One fine way to use Faber & Faber's paper  ration: publishing Prospero's 
Cell in 1945.]


_Author Lawrence Durrell playing the guitar in  his kitchen_ 
(http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/50561493/Time-Life-Pictures) . (Photo by Loomis 
Dean//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)  



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