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Gerhardie didn't die 'in utter obscurity' [in 1977] - shortly before his death 
he was the subject of a BBC tv documentary, and his books were reprinted in a 
'revised, definitiive edition' (1970-73) due to the advocacy of (and with 
introductions by) Michael Holroyd. 


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Granted, the glance at Lawrence Durrell is based upon a misconception. . . .

But mythography is made up of the perpetuation of such blithe misunderstandings.

Reviews of the show will be welcomed.  And field reports from anyone who has 
spoken with Boyd about this project are encouraged.



Television Review | ‘Any Human Heart’
A Long Life That Peaks Quite Young
Published: February 11, 2011

He is meant to suggest the sort of writer who existed on the periphery of Evelyn 
Waugh and Graham Greene: Cyril Connolly, Lawrence Durrell and, most explicitly, 
Mr. Boyd has said, William Gerhardie, a highly acclaimed novelist of the 1920s 
who greatly influenced better-known peers before dying in utter obscurity a 
half-century later.Airing February 13, 20 & 27, 2011 on PBS  


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