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I haven't read Davies and his Deptford Trilogy, so I can't comment.  Maybe now's the time.  Thanks for reminding me.  I don't believe, however, Davies's and Durrell's careers are analogous in the sense of a meteoric rise followed by a precipitous decline.  How this can happen is what intrigues me.  How do we account for it?  What is it in today's literary tastes that precludes appreciating LGD?  To say simply that tastes change is not in my mind a satisfactory answer.  The people I refer to who call Durrell unreadable are very smart and well-educated.  They are not to be dismissed.  On the other hand, we have a great critic like Harold Bloom, who does appreciate him, quotes him, but Bloom calls himself a Gnostic, and that may have something to do with a particular frame of mind receptive to Durrell's style and interests.


On Feb 9, 2011, at 5:47 PM, Ilyas Khan wrote:

> Bruce
> I would be interested in your opinion, if any, of LD versus Robertson
> Davies. They were virtual contemporaries, and both seen (and admired) by
> their fan base as being utterly under-rated. In the case of Davies there was
> a real move to have him nominated for the Nobel Prize.
> He shares many of LD's traits, but is he more "readable" ?
> Marc - sorry for intruding into this little tete a tete, but I was prompted
> by the comment that Bruce makes about passing books onto American readers
> who find LD unreadable.
> Ilyas
> (currently in Denver)
> On 09/02/2011 21:17, "Marc Piel" <marcpiel at interdesign.fr> wrote:
>> Bruce, Perhaps you should start your own forum
>> entitled "Against Lawrence Durrell - or how to
>> discredit one of the most creative authors of the
>> last 60 years"
>> This is not to be taken as aggressive. Just a
>> "just" reaction to your systematic negative
>> remarks whenever someone defends the talent and
>> acknowledgement of LD.
>> B.R.
>> Marc
>> Le 09/02/11 19:51, Bruce Redwine a écrit :
>>> Very interesting. How do you account for this interest in Durrell's
>>> light/lite books? I pass the /Quartet/ onto my American friends, and
>>> they find him unreadable, for the very reasons you list below. Have you
>>> considered translating /White Eagles Over Serbia?/
>>> Bruce
>>> On Feb 9, 2011, at 3:50 AM, Meta Cerar wrote:
>>>> I don't know about Durrell's popularity in other countries, but I have
>>>> to say that the Slovenian publisher was very willing to publish the
>>>> Dark Labyrinth. My proposal was accepted without hesitation, although
>>>> the editor is well aware that the book probably won't sell very well.
>>>> Even the EU financial suppport was approved very shortly after the
>>>> application had been submitted. So Durrell's name still counts and his
>>>> popularity may be in for better times. Unless the book turns out a
>>>> complete commercial failure, I intend to propose a few other works of
>>>> L.D., Bitter Lemons being the first on the list.
>>>> Durrell is not very well known in Slovenia. Very few people I know
>>>> read all the 4 parts of the AQ. Most of them decided that Justine was
>>>> either too difficult or too dull and never bothered to read Mountolive
>>>> and Clea. When the AQ was reprinted in the beginning of 2000s the
>>>> event went by unnoticed. So I'm really curious about the response to
>>>> Dark Labyrinth which is due to come out in May. I do hope that the
>>>> publisher will provide for the publicity it deserves.
>>>> Meta Cerar
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>>>> Davis,
>>>> You write: "writers, culture, beers, football teams, farmland and
>>>> vinyards sink beneath our wisdom like a stone."
>>>> now, isn't that a take on Dylan (Bob)?
>>>> certainly struck a chord, twanging, in my mind. i will let it vibrate
>>>> for a while and than ask for mercy and a clue..,:)
>>>> here in Israel LD is barely known. if I had a $ for each time i had to
>>>> tell people whom I was writing my thesis on, i would be very rich indeed.
>>>> what about translation?
>>>> only the first two volumes of the quartet have been translated.
>>>> i wonder whether Cortazar's wife's translation of the quartet into
>>>> Spanish made LD more known in the spanish speaking world.
>>>> Rony

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