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Interesting.  I have a few comments.

1.  I think you have serious problems understanding the English language.
2.  Idolatry is not going to advance Lawrence Durrell's reputation.
3.  I would like to hear you say something accurate, original, and intelligent.


On Feb 9, 2011, at 1:17 PM, Marc Piel wrote:

> Bruce, Perhaps you should start your own forum 
> entitled "Against Lawrence Durrell - or how to 
> discredit one of the most creative authors of the 
> last 60 years"
> This is not to be taken as aggressive. Just a 
> "just" reaction to your systematic negative 
> remarks whenever someone defends the talent and 
> acknowledgement of LD.
> B.R.
> Marc
> Le 09/02/11 19:51, Bruce Redwine a écrit :
>> Very interesting. How do you account for this interest in Durrell's
>> light/lite books? I pass the /Quartet/ onto my American friends, and
>> they find him unreadable, for the very reasons you list below. Have you
>> considered translating /White Eagles Over Serbia?/
>> Bruce
>> On Feb 9, 2011, at 3:50 AM, Meta Cerar wrote:
>>> I don't know about Durrell's popularity in other countries, but I have
>>> to say that the Slovenian publisher was very willing to publish the
>>> Dark Labyrinth. My proposal was accepted without hesitation, although
>>> the editor is well aware that the book probably won't sell very well.
>>> Even the EU financial suppport was approved very shortly after the
>>> application had been submitted. So Durrell's name still counts and his
>>> popularity may be in for better times. Unless the book turns out a
>>> complete commercial failure, I intend to propose a few other works of
>>> L.D., Bitter Lemons being the first on the list.
>>> Durrell is not very well known in Slovenia. Very few people I know
>>> read all the 4 parts of the AQ. Most of them decided that Justine was
>>> either too difficult or too dull and never bothered to read Mountolive
>>> and Clea. When the AQ was reprinted in the beginning of 2000s the
>>> event went by unnoticed. So I'm really curious about the response to
>>> Dark Labyrinth which is due to come out in May. I do hope that the
>>> publisher will provide for the publicity it deserves.
>>> Meta Cerar
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>>> Davis,
>>> You write: "writers, culture, beers, football teams, farmland and
>>> vinyards sink beneath our wisdom like a stone."
>>> now, isn't that a take on Dylan (Bob)?
>>> certainly struck a chord, twanging, in my mind. i will let it vibrate
>>> for a while and than ask for mercy and a clue..,:)
>>> here in Israel LD is barely known. if I had a $ for each time i had to
>>> tell people whom I was writing my thesis on, i would be very rich indeed.
>>> what about translation?
>>> only the first two volumes of the quartet have been translated.
>>> i wonder whether Cortazar's wife's translation of the quartet into
>>> Spanish made LD more known in the spanish speaking world.
>>> Rony

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