[ilds] Durrell and Heritage

Rony Alfandary alfandary at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 22:09:50 PST 2011

I think that there lies the clue - Durrell's presnence, or absence, from
University courses. if Durrell is not taught, he is not sold, his
books don't get reprints etc. and he slowly disappears, only to be found in
2nd bookshops. how is a young man of 2011 to stumble across the Quartet? he
(she) simply won't and therefore will turn to the books on the shelf.
Similar thing has happened to Miller and to Cortazar. i think it is no
coincidence. i believe there is something quite upsetting (in
a positive sense) in their work and therefore resists popularisation. i am
not optimistic. see how great cultures have disappeared from the world,
leaving no signs behind , only rumours (and mythologies).
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