[ilds] Durrell's Heritage

James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 19:58:15 PST 2011

On 07/02/11 5:00 PM, Marc Piel wrote:
 > James,
 > Wearing disguise does not exempt you!
 > I hope that phrase does not make me uncivil.
 > It does nor exempt you from answering either.

Alas, I am only required to answer that which fascinates me.  At the 
moment, I'm answering the call of one of my peatier kilted companions... 
  I might even rename it Amrita if our friends in India wouldn't remind 
me they fashion whiskey rather than scotch, and immortality is 
distinctly unlikely after such imbibing.

The list, so far as I understand it, is open to both the humane and 
inhumane so that they may discuss, in civil tones and through smoky 
ambrosias, the works of one Monsieur L. Durrell.  The sponsoring 
organizations, the ILDS and the University of Victoria, are both 
primarily scholarly, but that doesn't mean other perspectives aren't 
welcome.  In fact, I distinctly recall the campus pub in Victoria 
permitting entirely non-academic discourse to occur between both ladies 
and gents (or ladies & ladies or gents & gents) on a regular basis.

In those spirits, may I suggest washing down this chewy discussion with 
a link between the Heraldic "DESTROYING TIME" and /Justine/'s "The slow 
unreality of time begins to grip them, blurring the outline"?


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