[ilds] Durrell's Heritage - Ondaatje

James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 19:31:14 PST 2011

I'm told there's an overt allusion to Durrell in /Running in the 
Family/, something to do with a crow, but I haven't actually pulled my 
copy from the shelf and looked it up.  Are you feeling intrepid, Lee?

I'm always surprised to find how many Canadians allude to Durrell.  He 
pops up in /The Water in Between/ by Kevin Patterson as well.  I can't 
imagine Mordecai Richler's /Cocksure/ with /The Revolt of Aphrodite/, 
but that may be anachronistic.


On 07/02/11 5:02 PM, Lee Sternthal wrote:
> M. Ondaatje is the only contemporary, "popular writer" I can think of who distinctly carries on the LD tradition.  His influence on O's work is palpable in almost all of his poetry and prose not only in language and construction, but in a character's relationship to his environment, whether it's the English Patient in his burnt ou chateau, Billy Bolden in his Mephistophelean New Oleans, or Caravaggio in Toronto in "the skin if a lion.". Even his memoir of Ceylon has Durrell written all over it.

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