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Yes.  I agree.  Civility is from the Old French, non?  Or am I being too academic?  I now award Billy Apt with the best email of the day and an accolade to boot.  Now, about Lawrence G. Durrell's sagging reputation . . .


On Feb 7, 2011, at 4:36 PM, James Gifford wrote:

> Hi Marc,
> Perhaps these a misunderstanding here.  Grove's too polite to say, but 
> he's a librarian (and unless I'm mistaken, a public librarian), which 
> means something different than it does in France.  Our dear friend 
> Charles, however, is a corduroy-wearing, elbow-patched an academic as 
> can be found...  Myself, I'm in disguise wearing sweaters and felt cap, 
> but I'm sure the other academics have caught on to my impostor status -- 
> it's only a matter of time now...
> I, for one, find Grove's comment insightful and cogent.  I'd hope we can 
> welcome the diverse range of opinions with civility, most especially 
> when we disagree with each other.
> My best,
> James
> On 07/02/11 4:28 PM, Marc Piel wrote:
>> This is one of the subjects bought up recently on
>> this list. Is the list dedicated to academics or
>> is it for ordinary "humane" people???
>> You answer makes it sound very specialised as if
>> that direction had much more importance than the
>> other.
>> I wish Charles was implicated in this subject....!!!
>> Marc Piel
>> Le 08/02/11 01:01, James Gifford a écrit :
>>> I happen to like hearing from Grove's gob -- in fact, I think I'm going
>>> to solicit a new column in the ILDS Herald!
>>> Are you keen, Grove?  As for judging an author's reputation, it's always
>>> going to be subject to perception.  Daniel Steele certainly outsells
>>> Durrell, but I think we'd count reputation differently -- Durrell
>>> certainly gets academic attention as well, but question would be "In
>>> which journals?  By which scholars?  Because of content in which
>>> courses?"  Alas, the last often determines the first two, and Durrell
>>> isn't taught as much as he ought to be -- a big part of that is based on
>>> where scholars teach, and many Durrell scholars don't work at the
>>> research intensive schools, and the availability of classroom editions
>>> is pretty well nil.
>>> Many factors apart from quality compound to determine reputation.
>>> Cheers,
>>> James
>>> On 07/02/11 3:53 PM, Marc Piel wrote:
>>>> Well if you are not in not ithat position. Then
>>>> you should not bring up the subject!!! In other
>>>> words Shut-up, close your gob.
>>>> Le 07/02/11 23:39, gkoger at mindspring.com a écrit :
>>>>> not in a position

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