[ilds] Durrell's Heritage

Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Mon Feb 7 16:28:26 PST 2011

This is one of the subjects bought up recently on 
this list. Is the list dedicated to academics or 
is it for ordinary "humane" people???
You answer makes it sound very specialised as if 
that direction had much more importance than the 

I wish Charles was implicated in this subject....!!!
Marc Piel

Le 08/02/11 01:01, James Gifford a écrit :
> I happen to like hearing from Grove's gob -- in fact, I think I'm going
> to solicit a new column in the ILDS Herald!
> Are you keen, Grove?  As for judging an author's reputation, it's always
> going to be subject to perception.  Daniel Steele certainly outsells
> Durrell, but I think we'd count reputation differently -- Durrell
> certainly gets academic attention as well, but question would be "In
> which journals?  By which scholars?  Because of content in which
> courses?"  Alas, the last often determines the first two, and Durrell
> isn't taught as much as he ought to be -- a big part of that is based on
> where scholars teach, and many Durrell scholars don't work at the
> research intensive schools, and the availability of classroom editions
> is pretty well nil.
> Many factors apart from quality compound to determine reputation.
> Cheers,
> James
> On 07/02/11 3:53 PM, Marc Piel wrote:
>> Well if you are not in not ithat position. Then
>> you should not bring up the subject!!! In other
>> words Shut-up, close your gob.
>> Le 07/02/11 23:39, gkoger at mindspring.com a écrit :
>>> not in a position
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