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Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Mon Feb 7 12:14:57 PST 2011

Please what proof can you advance to say that they 
are on the "verge of extinction". I wonder for how 
long your books will sell for? The AQ is still 
stocked in all major bookstores in France, 50 
years after. Is that extinction???
Marc Piel

Le 07/02/11 18:54, Bruce Redwine a écrit :
> Rony,
> Interesting. The Durrell-Miller species seems isolated and endangered,
> if not on the verge of extinction. Perhaps it has, but I don't recall a
> serious discussion on the ILDS List as to /exactly/ why Lawrence
> Durrell's reputation has declined so precipitously since his heyday in
> the early 1960s. In the current issue of /Deus Loci/ (2008-2009), Anne
> Zahlan has an article, a good one, "'Always Friday the Thirteenth': The
> Knights Templar, Hersey, and History in Lawrence Durrell's /The Avignon
> Quintet." /Her essay, in part, treats Durrell's postmodernist world, and
> she uses Brian McHale's /Postmodernist Fiction/ (1987) as a critical
> source. McHale has clout. But no where in his survey of Postmodernism
> does he cite Lawrence Durrell. I find this telling and indicative of
> Durrell's poor standing. I don't know about today, but when I was taking
> English courses in the 70s and 80s, Lawrence Durrell was simply not
> discussed in the department and was not at all taken seriously. Let's
> hope this will change, someday.
> Bruce
> On Feb 7, 2011, at 7:35 AM, Rony Alfandary wrote:
>> Thank you for this discussion. one of the chapters in my thesis
>> concerns this - why has Durrell's reputation fallen over the years and
>> STILL how come there is there wonderful group of people gathered here
>> to ponder and celebrate his work?
>> at one point I thought it had to do with the allegations regarding
>> Sappho. but the decline began earlier.
>> there is an Israeli scholar, Prof Lipskaer , who has written a lovely
>> book regarding minor literature. not in the Deleuze-Guattarie sense
>> but rather in terms of seeing the literature scene as an ecological
>> system whereby many different authors (species) co-exist and support
>> one another.
>> I think that such a view manages to rise above a competitive view of
>> the question.
>> Rony
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