[ilds] Durrell's Heritage

Rony Alfandary alfandary at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 07:35:06 PST 2011

Thank you for this discussion. one of the chapters in my thesis concerns
this - why has Durrell's reputation fallen over the years and STILL how come
there is there wonderful group of people gathered here to ponder and
celebrate his work?
at one point I thought it had to do with the allegations regarding Sappho.
but the decline began earlier.
there is an Israeli scholar, Prof Lipskaer , who has written a lovely book
regarding minor literature. not in the Deleuze-Guattarie sense but rather in
terms of seeing the literature scene as an ecological system whereby many
different authors (species) co-exist and support one another.
I think that such a view manages to rise above a competitive view of the
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