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Yes, it's hard to make sense of the whole book, for me anyway.  To be frank, I find Durrell's "attack," if such, a lot of rather cheap shots at his literary predecessors:  Keats and Shelley, two that I picked up on.  A respected scholar of LD tells me that I'm wrongheaded and have this completely wrong.  I think not.  So, I guess you're saying that the Lawrence Durrell of The Black Book was full of hot air, which was my original contention.


On Feb 2, 2011, at 11:14 AM, William Godshalk wrote:

> Durrell asks his reader to "recognize [the book] for what it is:  a two-fisted attack on literature by an angry young man of the thirties."
> And I respond: it doesn't seem very two-fisted to me. More like pudding than like a few rounds of literary combat.
> Bill 

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