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Hello, everyone,


My sincerest thanks to everyone who responded to my post about the Dark
Labyrinth and supplied me with lots of useful articles. I haven't had time
to read them yet as I'm just finishing the translation revision. Although I
have gone through the text a couple of times, I'm still at a loss with a few
sentences. Perhaps you can help me with suggestions.


There is a sentence in the chapter Portraits where Campion is complaining
about The English not being able to appreciate artists. I quote:


English architecture, like the English character, is founded on the Draught.


I compared three translations of D.L. - French, Italian and German - and
they're all different. The French translate Draught as dessin (drawing),
Italians as rigidity, Germans as Zug (stroke? Draughtiness?). My friend,
himself an English writer, suggests >hard work< or perhaps >draught as
current of air<. How can nation's character be founded on drawing, hard
work, draughtiness .?


I'm a bit desperate about this one, so I could use a few suggestions. It's
interesting to read translations of the same book into different languages -
worth a comparative study, really. Sometimes it's hard to believe it's the
same book.


Thank you and all best,

Meta Cerar


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