[ilds] Bowker and MacNiven Biographies

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Rony's question (and others similar) might be answered by reference to Brewster 
Chamberlin's 'Chronology of the Life and Times of Lawrence Durrell' (2007), now 
available on Amazon, where Brewster notes the discrepancies between 'facts' 
relayed by both Ian MacNiven and Gordon Bowker. RP 

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Hello all, 
I am current reading them both simultaneously. there are narked difference - 
MacNiven is indeed full of detail and excellent source for further research. 
there are many discrepancies - for instance, when did Durrell begin St Joseph's? 
when he was six (Bowker) or Nine (MacNiven)? it is of some interest to me as i 
am working on the theme of Durrell's resentment towards his parents vis-a-vis 
this first exile.

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