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I hadn't been aware of the changes you mention in the Bowker bio. Are they at all significant? Thanks.


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>Hi David,
>Michael Haag is writing the next biography.  As for Bowker and MacNiven, 
>it's worth noting that Bowker's biography has changes between the first 
>and second editions.  Nonetheless, in both he's darker and more 
>speculative, though he did access some archives (like UVic's) that 
>MacNiven did not -- his Malcolm Lowry biography is excellent, and it 
>took him to some of the smaller places that MacNiven didn't reach.
>Between the two, I prefer MacNiven's and trust it more, though it's not 
>without slips here and there as well, which is inevitable in such a work.
>On 28/01/11 3:44 PM, Denise Tart & David Green wrote:
>> William,
>> I have read Bowker's biography several times and can recommend it to
>> you. yes, you are right that it has its problems and that Bowker does
>> speculate at times, but it is a good contrast to tact of MacNiven, who
>> as well as being a scholarly and authorised, is also a fan. Bowker, as
>> his book title suggests, paints a darker picture of Lawrence
>> particularly in relation to his treatment of women and his over fondness
>> of alcohol; his creative madness being at times hard on people close to
>> him. Read both a get a deeper picture - someone else out there is
>> currently doing so and could perhaps ad to this commentary??
>> David Green
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>> Dear all:
>> I thought the book outstanding. How Prof. MacNiven was able to gather
>> and synthesize so much material, and then put it into such an eloquent
>> narrative is remarkable. Moreover, Prof. MacNiven honors his fiduciary
>> obligations well: it is a most tactful book.
>> I had tried reading Bowker's bio but was put off by it. Perhaps because
>> it was unauthorized, and Bowker was deprived of sources MacNiven had
>> recourse to, there was way too much speculation-as-explanation for my
>> taste. Can any one tell me how it essentially differs from MacNiven's
>> book, and whether it is worthwhile?
>> Ultimately I find LD truly enigmatic. I have so many questions about why
>> he was the way he was that, perhaps, cannot be clearly answered except
>> to say that he was a genius, and genius is a mystery.
>> Again, thanks to everyone who was so helpful to me, including Prof.
>> Godshalk, whom I forgot to thank yesterday.
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