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Not sure Bowker himself is convinced of the 'creative madnes's idea. He cites it but are we left to our own view of this? artist have used a number of terms to offset poor behaviour. look how rude Campion the artist is in Dark Labyrinth. I don't fall for it. Getting drunk and hitting women is poor conduct whether you are a truck driver or a famous writer. Interviews with Larry tend to show that he was far more workmanlike a writer than the 'creative madness' idea suggests. He got up early and got on with it - "like chopping wood".
Now I must get a copy of Revolt of Aphrodite and honour monsieur Gifford's idea of engendering some commentaries on these neglected works.

David Whitewine

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I haven't read MacNiven in toto but agree with David's take on Bowker.  I am not convinced, however, with Bowker's attempt to rationalize Durrell's "creative madness," especially with respect to his occasional treatment of his wives, sometimes brutally. 


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