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James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 11:29:21 PST 2011

Hi Grove,

Let's consider this an aim for late April/May?  Unless, of course, 
there's a chorus from the listserv to get started right away...

I'd agree about the Firm being more than simply a modern institution in 
the books -- I suppose my curiosity relates to the potential for LD to 
be talking about coercive authority in that 1968 moment (which Don Kacz 
has noted before).  Just what *is* the Firm?

I'm in the midst of a long project relating to poetry networks in the 
1930s and 40s that differ from the High Modernists and Auden group by 
virtue of antiauthoritarian politics (or Herbert Read's politics of the 
unpolitical), and Durrell's in there though he's peripheral.  That is 
certainly shaping my readerly perspective at the moment {winks eye at 
Bruce}, but it seems surprisingly easy to develop that perspective.


On 29/01/11 10:31 AM, gkoger at mindspring.com wrote:
> James,
> Thank you! Much, much to think about here. My own impression (my last
> reading was some time back) is that, as Durrell suggests, the Firm
> has always been with us. It's as if it has an existence in the DNA as
> well as in the external world. And I've always felt that the central
> situation isn't (to change the tense) now or never but now AND never.
> Aren't the books all about contradictions?
> Rereading may change my perceptions entirely, so a group approach
> would be another reason to look forward to summer!
> Grove

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