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Pursewarden.  Sometime ago, R. Pine, I believe, pointed out that Ludwig's 
surname was a pun or allusion to the scrotum.  Or maybe I just have a dirty 
mind.  Bill Godshalk can confirm this, either way.  The OED, however, cites 
"scrotum" as a Renaissance meaning of purse.  Cf. Iago's "Who steals my purse 
steals trash," where "purse," given Iago's lewd mind, probably refers to more 
than coins. 

Mountolive.  New Testament "Mount of Olives," associated with Christ's Passion 
and possibly the Garden of Gethsemane?  Not clear how this applies to Sir David, 
unless you want to argue that in the Quartet the ambassador has his own Passion 
or passions to deal with.  This may be Durrell being whimsical and irreverent. 
 Still, a good name.


On Jan 28, 2011, at 12:21 PM, Denise Tart & David Green wrote:

>thanks for news about the Villa Cleobolus, sad though it is. I have been able to 
>find Larry's other houses on Google Earth, but not the one in Rhodes. 
>insidently, a Greek friend of mine reckons that Rhodes is the most beautiful 
>island in the world which certainly comes through in the Marine Venus.
>To the names in Dark Labyrinth, yes the names imply the characters
>Graecen - the graceful and mannered lord.
>Campion - Champion, the hero of the piece - the shit stirring artist rebel type
>Fearmax - the enigmatic, withdrawn magician (maximum fear)
>The Truman's - true, honest ordinary people who achieve a mountain utopia 
>(Durrell's hearkening back to his Indian Himalayan experiences)
>etc etc
>we recall in 18th century  English Lit characters like Squire Booby (a booby 
>being an ignorant boor) or squire Weston, he from the west country, a land of 
>rowdy, drunken cider drinkers, the lord be good to them.
>I also wonder about Quartet characters - Pursewarden for example (money guard) 
>or Mountolive - who was Olive???
>David Green
>Terra Australis Incognito
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>Actually there are more »18th century« names in the Dark Labyrinth, like TRUMAN 
>for example. What an appropriate name for someone who ends up on the Roof of the 
>World, which I agree is one of the most magnificent chapters in Durrell's entire 
>opus, as one of the list members wrote recently.
>If anyone on the list knows of an article concerning the Cefalu or Dark 
>Labyrinth  names, I would be greatly interested. I am currently translating Dark 
>Labyrinth into Slovenian – to be published at the 100th anniversary of his birth 
>(February 2012) – and would love to include this symbolism into the preface of 
>the book.
>I would also be grateful for any information on reviews or articles on this 
>particular book, which I greatly enjoy working on although L.D. dismissed it as 
>a potboiler. I think there was an article in Deus Loci about Otto Rank's 
>influence on D.L. If anyone happens to be familiar with it, please let me know 
>if it's worth reading.
>BTW, I loved the photos from Bellapais. What a great location for a future 
>Durrell conference! I followed the Durrell trail throughout the Meditterranean 
>but haven't been to Cyprus yet. The Villa Cleobolus and the »Tree of idleness« 
>in the old moslem graveyard in Rhodes are sadly neglected to my great 
>Looking forward to further commentaries on Dark Labyrinth,
>Meta Cerar,

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>Someone undoubtedly already has published an article on names in Cefalu, indeed 
>throughout Durrell's fiction.  My guess is that LD sometimes chose them as 
>Shakespeare did his low-life characters:   Mistress Quickly, Doll Tearsheet, 
>Pistol, etc.  People are their names.  Doesn't Fearmax die of fright?
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>On Jan 27, 2011, at 11:59 AM, "Denise Tart & David Green" <dtart at bigpond.net.au> 
>I especially recommend the early chapter in Tunc describing Caradoc's drunken 
>speech in front of the Parthenon. Grove
>>It is probably fitting that I make a detailed literary analysis of Caradoc's 
>>speech - already seeing Durrell's juxtaposition of northern Celtic Caradoc and 
>>the  souther classical Parthenon.
>>btw, has anyone studied Durrell's names? I was very intrigued by them when 
>>reading Dark Labyrinth recently; Fearmax, Graecen - there something 18th century 
>>about it.

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