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Any attempt to write a biography of Lawrence Durrell is a mind-boggling enterprise, both in terms of the complexity of the man himself and the huge amount of material required to absorb and analyze.  He was definitely a genius but also a very flawed one, which is probably the way we want our geniuses to be.  It was a pleasure to offer you the little assistance I could.


On Jan 28, 2011, at 3:04 PM, William Apt wrote:

> Dear all:
> I thought the book outstanding.  How Prof. MacNiven was able to gather and synthesize so much material, and then put it into such an eloquent narrative is remarkable.  Moreover, Prof. MacNiven honors his fiduciary obligations well:  it is a most tactful book. 
> I had tried reading Bowker's bio but was put off by it. Perhaps because it was unauthorized, and Bowker was deprived of sources MacNiven had recourse to, there was way too much speculation-as-explanation for my taste. Can any one tell me how it essentially differs from MacNiven's book, and whether it is worthwhile?
> Ultimately I find LD truly enigmatic.  I have so many questions about why he was the way he was that, perhaps, cannot be clearly answered except to say that he was a genius, and genius is a mystery.
> Again, thanks to everyone who was so helpful to me, including Prof. Godshalk, whom I forgot to thank yesterday.
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