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Hi Bruce,

Unless I'm mistaken, Durrell uses the "purse/scrotum" idea himself when 
talking about Wilde and Shakespeare.  It's not in his UNESCO talks, but 
I can't recall where...


On 28/01/11 1:20 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
> *Pursewarden.* Sometime ago, R. Pine, I believe, pointed out that
> Ludwig's surname was a pun or allusion to the scrotum. Or maybe I just
> have a dirty mind. Bill Godshalk can confirm this, either way. The OED,
> however, cites "scrotum" as a Renaissance meaning of purse. Cf. Iago's
> "Who steals my purse steals trash," where "purse," given Iago's lewd
> mind, probably refers to more than coins.
> *Mountolive.* New Testament "Mount of Olives," associated with Christ's
> Passion and possibly the Garden of Gethsemane? Not clear how this
> applies to Sir David, unless you want to argue that in the /Quartet/ the
> ambassador has his own Passion or passions to deal with. This may be
> Durrell being whimsical and irreverent. Still, a good name.
> Bruce
> On Jan 28, 2011, at 12:21 PM, Denise Tart & David Green wrote:
>> Meta,
>> thanks for news about the Villa Cleobolus, sad though it is. I have
>> been able to find Larry's other houses on Google Earth, but not the
>> one in Rhodes. insidently, a Greek friend of mine reckons that Rhodes
>> is the most beautiful island in the world which certainly comes
>> through in the Marine Venus.
>> To the names in Dark Labyrinth, yes the names imply the characters
>> Graecen - the graceful and mannered lord.
>> Campion - Champion, the hero of the piece - the shit stirring artist
>> rebel type
>> Fearmax - the enigmatic, withdrawn magician (maximum fear)
>> The Truman's - true, honest ordinary people who achieve a mountain
>> utopia (Durrell's hearkening back to his Indian Himalayan experiences)
>> etc etc
>> we recall in 18th century English Lit characters like Squire Booby (a
>> booby being an ignorant boor) or squire Weston, he from the west
>> country, a land of rowdy, drunken cider drinkers, the lord be good to
>> them.
>> I also wonder about Quartet characters - Pursewarden for example
>> (money guard) or Mountolive - who was Olive???
>> David Green
>> Terra Australis Incognito
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>> Actually there are more »18th century« names in the Dark Labyrinth,
>> like TRUMAN for example. What an appropriate name for someone who ends
>> up on the Roof of the World, which I agree is one of the most
>> magnificent chapters in Durrell's entire opus, as one of the list
>> members wrote recently.
>> If anyone on the list knows of an article concerning the Cefalu or
>> Dark Labyrinth names, I would be greatly interested. I am currently
>> translating Dark Labyrinth into Slovenian – to be published at the
>> 100th anniversary of his birth (February 2012) – and would love to
>> include this symbolism into the preface of the book.
>> I would also be grateful for any information on reviews or articles on
>> this particular book, which I greatly enjoy working on although L.D.
>> dismissed it as a potboiler. I think there was an article in Deus Loci
>> about Otto Rank's influence on D.L. If anyone happens to be familiar
>> with it, please let me know if it's worth reading.
>> BTW, I loved the photos from Bellapais. What a great location for a
>> future Durrell conference! I followed the Durrell trail throughout the
>> Meditterranean but haven't been to Cyprus yet. The Villa Cleobolus and
>> the »Tree of idleness« in the old moslem graveyard in Rhodes are sadly
>> neglected to my great disappointment.
>> Looking forward to further commentaries on Dark Labyrinth,
>> Meta Cerar,
>> Slovenia
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>> Someone undoubtedly already has published an article on names in
>> Cefalu, indeed throughout Durrell's fiction. My guess is that LD
>> sometimes chose them as Shakespeare did his low-life characters:
>> Mistress Quickly, Doll Tearsheet, Pistol, etc. People are their names.
>> Doesn't Fearmax die of fright?
>> Bruce
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>> On Jan 27, 2011, at 11:59 AM, "Denise Tart & David Green"
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>>> I especially recommend the early chapter in Tunc describing Caradoc's
>>> drunken speech in front of the Parthenon. Grove
>>> It is probably fitting that I make a detailed literary analysis of
>>> Caradoc's speech - already seeing Durrell's juxtaposition of northern
>>> Celtic Caradoc and the souther classical Parthenon.
>>> btw, has anyone studied Durrell's names? I was very intrigued by them
>>> when reading Dark Labyrinth recently; Fearmax, Graecen - there
>>> something 18th century about it.
>>> David
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