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On 27/01/11 1:43 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
> Someone undoubtedly already has published
> an article on names in Cefalu,

Oh, you looked it up first, right! ;)  Our most recently ILDS President 
Don Kaczvinsky is just the man for the job:

Kaczvinsky, Donald P. "Durrell's The Dark Labyrinth." /The Explicator/ 
46.3 (1988): 42-44.

For what it's worth, I also quite like Jay Brigham's article.  He taught 
this book as well, and I was given his lecture notes if anyone is 

Brigham, James A. "Initiatory Experience in The Dark Labyrinth." /Deus 
Loci: The Lawrence Durrell Quarterly/ 7.5 (1984): 19-29.

Sorry if this is just dropping the citations, but I think that was the 

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