[ilds] THANKS!

William Apt billyapt at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 15:50:07 PST 2011

Dear all:

Am just about finished with MacNiven's bio.  Have really enjoyed it and will
have more to say about it shortly.  But for now wanted to thank you for
being so helpful to me during the past 2 yrs during my ongoing journey
through LD's work.  You guys were so good about answering questions -
especially Professors Sligh, Redwine, and Gifford - and were always so
enlightening.  Because I know you are busy, and because I am not a scholar
but merely an enthusiast, I tried to call on the ILDS list-serve only when
absolutely necessary and trust I wasn't a burden.

I hope to come to the London meeting this summer if possible and greatly
look forward to meeting everyone.

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