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Oslem, in keeping with my antipodean idiom, as recently described by James, I drink a glass of fine chardonnay to the idea of sitting under the tree of idleness discussing the influence of islands on the writings of Lawrence Durrell, about which I have recently written on this list and in other forms. Indeed I am soon to present a lunchtime (of course) seminar to my wife's book club group on islomania: the positive experience of Corfu and Rhodes turned sour on Cyprus.

Planning a tour of the Durrell island so the aforesaid Bellapaix meeting may well happen.

in vino veritas


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After all the silence, it is good to know that a critical number of people are suffering from a sense of intellectual deprivation owing to the fewer number of stimulating discussions on ILDS form.  I reckon that a number heavyweight participants have not just given up on the forum and are just busy with some germinating thoughts on life and hence Durrell. By the way, don't you think it could be a good idea to meet at Bellapaix this spring(being a Cypriot from Cyprus makes it a lot easier)? Durrell lovers can visit his home and sit under the tree of idleness discussing Justine. What could be the possible influence of that Mediterranan island  on Durell's writing on Alexanderia? 

Greetings to all from the island of bitter lemons....

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On 1/26/11 6:12 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote: 
      Is Charles all right? I hope he's well.

Many thanks to all here for the concern.  I abide.

      'There are sides of the self
      One can seldom show. They live on and on
      In an emergency of anguish always,
      Waiting for parents in another.'
Charles L. Sligh
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