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Wed Jan 26 12:32:01 PST 2011

Dear All,
firstly, I am a male Rony (and not that young anymore), though it has amused
me to think otherwise..
i have benefited greatly from your responses to my query so it is my
interest to see this forum active and buzzing., it helps me tremendously to
know that i am writing about someone who has others interested in...

concerning Rand and Groddeck. Yes, I am aware of that vein and exploring it
too. Rank interests me in particular as i think that it was his notion about
the birth trauma that got D's attention and the fact that he only found his
own voice only after departing from his Father figure.
i think that something like that also happened to D. i will write more about
that in the future and will be happy to share that with you.
don't despair please.... i  need this warm and critical place...
and it also occurred to me to ask if any of you knew a certain Simon Miles
who was a dear friend of mine back in the 80's and with whom i shared a
passion for LD. it was recently that i learnt of his death. it saddened me
even though i have been familiar with LD's work since the late 70's,
the discussions i held with Simon Miles were great inspiration. it took me
another 30 odd yrs to return...
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