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Speaking of lurkers and Dylan Thomas here is a picture of the boathouse at Laugharne for the enlightened reader as well as writers.  dw

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You make the key point in my view. I am active (and find tremendously rewarding) my participation as “poster” and “lurker” on a number of other such venues, and the key difference is that despite much hand wringing on this listserv, there is an incredible tendency towards clique-ishness, made all the more provincially dull by the continuation of long standing personal skirmishes that the vast majority of us do not understand or appreciate.

My own attitude has been, therefore, to focus on two things. Firstly, my own love of LD means that I usually find nuggets here, but I also have drifted towards a personal reply instead of a reply to the forum as a whole. Secondly, when the usual small clique start squabbling or cannot see the impact of their language on others, I simply ignore them and enjoy the underlying conversation from which I have learnt so much. At times people such as James and Charles have tried to bring the conversation back to the “relevant”, but even they, I think, sometimes tire of the same old repetition.

There is a message in reply to David’s post that also raises the issue of how some academics have been teased off this listserv from posting stuff that is too academic. I agree that if other venues can maintain a vibrant balance of the scholarly, academic, casual and amateur enthusiast, then so can we. 

On that basis therefore, David, I for one will try to become more active. I value this little part of my life, and unless we all step upto the plate, we have only ourselves to blame. Having made my points above, I am hoping I can become one of the non-scholarly or non-academic participants who has an opinion and a constructive point of view.


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Very good David. A provocative post that should wake up the listserv! However, I’m not sure how well your example supports your argument. Rony sent a second post about Otto Rank that resulted in detailed and I’m sure very helpful responses from Charles Sligh and James Gifford. I have been a flagrant lurker for the past several years, enjoying the insightful and often beautiful writing by many thoughtful posters about Durrell, often responding directly and privately to the poster without necessarily having the courage to publicly offer my own sometimes contrary opinions (e.g. pro-The Greek Islands, where others find this coffee table book motivated strictly by lucre.)
You see – that’s why I seldom post. I can almost sense the artillery cranking into place, preparing a fusillade of disparagement at my poor taste in Island books! (I still like Prospero the best.) Please see my kind words about Durrell on the last page of my Italy website: www.travelogorrhea.com <http://www.travelogorrhea.com>  
Viva Durrell!
Kennedy Gammage
ken.gammage at directed.com 


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It has come to my notice and the notice of one or two other contributors to this list that things have gone rather quiet in Durrell land over the last few weeks, months even, leaving me to ponder whatever happened to the lively debates and discussions of Durrell and his works?
There seems to be no interest in keeping any kind of serious discussion going.  Some large and well researched postings by me and some others, intended to stimulate discussion have disappeared without a trace. The general run of recent postings, few and far between, appear restricted to scholarly minutia or references to academic journals. 

There was almost no response to young Israeli student, Rony Alfandary,  who appeared to be seeking some encouragement so that she can do her bit to promote LD in the world of scholarship.  Unless some communication occurred off line, Bruce Redwine was the only member to publicly respond.

Has there been a shift in policy re the ILDS List-Serve. Is it no longer a forum for discussion, since that can lead to controversy about M. Durrell's reputation?   Currently there appears to be an aloofness on the part of certain contributors and a disinterest in endorsing anything substantive. Is the List now a place for the cognoscenti to say nice things to one another or merely to refer to items of Durrell scholarship, worthy as these things is in their own right? 

Where are all the so called lurkers? Where are all the people who used to pitch in have a say? Is the horse suffering from a terminal illness or is it just tired and resting up, unwilling at the moment to enter the forum of fiery debate about the life and works of the Hero of Kalamni, Bellapaix, Alexandria etc etc?

Whatever happened to the spirit of L. Pursewarden, who wrote, "Protestant purely in the sense that I protest!"

Yours, somewhat puzzled,

David Green

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Marrickville NSW 2204

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