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James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 18:07:28 PST 2011

Unless I'm mistaken, we're all out celebrating Virginia Woolf's birthday 
today rather than posting online...  ;)

> Is it no longer a forum for discussion, since that
> can lead to controversy

Personally, I'm just swimming through the chaos of the start of term. 
I'd imagine since there are a large number of academics, that's a 
significant factor -- we're relying on you to keep things afloat in the 
discussions for a while David!  We're all in the mid-year administrative 

So, to throw down a gauntlet, why Rank and not Groddeck?  And what of 
Jung, with whom LD briefly corresponded?  Graham Howe?  He wrote a good 
deal on two of them but didn't publish much on Rank, so why not take up 
Howe and Groddeck?

Or, perhaps I can stir the pot by going after Bruce's flagrantly dangled 
hook & bait:

> Like Chatwin and de Man, Durrell had a few
> things to expunge or expiate.

I might look sideways at Cleanth Brooks from time to time, but Bruce, I 
thought you had a good ol' New Criticism vein (or artery) running in 
you.  Surely this falls foul of some kind of intentional fallacy or 
conversation with dead people.  Barthes might ask about the reader too...

Isn't some of the brilliance of LD's prose, and perhaps most of all the 
poetry, the fact that it is gorgeously ambiguous in the sense of Keats' 
Negative Capability?  Robert Duncan makes nice work of Durrell's 
ambiguous objects in Greek poems like "Carol on Corfu" in his "Ark for 
Lawrence Durrell," which strikes me as having a bit of the bite you're 
looking for without falling into the myopia of clear vision...  If I 
think I've puzzled out what a poet really *meant*, then I second guess 
myself and wonder if my certainty is blinding me to the gloriously 
ambiguous that doesn't actually have a non-readerly resolution.

I'm also curious why "expiate" rather than "express" or "deal with"?  Is 
there a Catholic vein too, my eucharistic friend?

Does that help, David?  {grins}


On 25/01/11 3:30 PM, Denise Tart & David Green wrote:
> It has come to my notice and the notice of one or two other contributors
> to this list that things have gone rather quiet in Durrell land over the
> last few weeks, months even, leaving me to ponder whatever happened to
> the lively debates and discussions of Durrell and his works?
> There seems to be no interest in keeping any kind of serious discussion
> going. Some large and well researched postings by me and some others,
> intended to stimulate discussion have disappeared without a trace. The
> general run of recent postings, few and far between, appear restricted
> to scholarly minutia or references to academic journals.
> There was almost no response to young Israeli student, Rony Alfandary,
> who appeared to be seeking some encouragement so that she can do her bit
> to promote LD in the world of scholarship. Unless some communication
> occurred off line, Bruce Redwine was the only member to publicly respond.
> Has there been a shift in policy re the ILDS List-Serve. Is it no longer
> a forum for discussion, since that can lead to controversy about M.
> Durrell's reputation? Currently there appears to be an aloofness on the
> part of certain contributors and a disinterest in endorsing anything
> substantive. Is the List now a place for the cognoscenti to say nice
> things to one another or merely to refer to items of Durrell
> scholarship, worthy as these things is in their own right?
> Where are all the so called lurkers? Where are all the people who used
> to pitch in have a say? Is the horse suffering from a terminal illness
> or is it just tired and resting up, unwilling at the moment to enter the
> forum of fiery debate about the life and works of the Hero of Kalamni,
> Bellapaix, Alexandria etc etc?
> Whatever happened to the spirit of L. Pursewarden, who wrote,
> "Protestant purely in the sense that I protest!"
> Yours, somewhat puzzled,
> David Green
> 16 William Street
> Marrickville NSW 2204
> Australia
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