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Tue Jan 25 18:04:05 PST 2011

I agree with David Green.  If the ILDS List is to survive as an open forum it requires both participation and receptivity to all kinds of ideas about Lawrence Durrell and his achievement.  A couple of months ago, Bill Godshalk was exploring Thomas Middleton's Blacke Booke as a source for Durrell's own novel of the same name.  Some members complained privately that such topics were too "academic."  If I understand the circumstances correctly, those complaints ended further discussion on this fascinating subject.  So, scholarly matters were not distributed and abruptly dropped.  This I find both ridiculous and astonishing.  In my view, nothing about L. Durrell is too academic or too personal for discussion.  All kinds of trivia or nitpicking should be examined and discussed, no matter how technical, for the simple reason that there's no telling where they might lead and how important they might become in attaining a full understanding of this major author.  With respect to matters of etiquette, I think it good manners to answer questions directly, within reason, of course.  We're all equal here.  I also think that if one doesn't participate then one shouldn't complain.  That's the responsibility of entering the ring.  I don't see the ILDS List as a spectator sport.  Nor do I see it as a cheering section for Lawrence Durrell's life and work.


On Jan 25, 2011, at 3:30 PM, Denise Tart & David Green wrote:

> It has come to my notice and the notice of one or two other contributors to this list that things have gone rather quiet in Durrell land over the last few weeks, months even, leaving me to ponder whatever happened to the lively debates and discussions of Durrell and his works?
> There seems to be no interest in keeping any kind of serious discussion going.  Some large and well researched postings by me and some others, intended to stimulate discussion have disappeared without a trace. The general run of recent postings, few and far between, appear restricted to scholarly minutia or references to academic journals.
> There was almost no response to young Israeli student, Rony Alfandary,  who appeared to be seeking some encouragement so that she can do her bit to promote LD in the world of scholarship.  Unless some communication occurred off line, Bruce Redwine was the only member to publicly respond.
> Has there been a shift in policy re the ILDS List-Serve. Is it no longer a forum for discussion, since that can lead to controversy about M. Durrell's reputation?   Currently there appears to be an aloofness on the part of certain contributors and a disinterest in endorsing anything substantive. Is the List now a place for the cognoscenti to say nice things to one another or merely to refer to items of Durrell scholarship, worthy as these things is in their own right?
> Where are all the so called lurkers? Where are all the people who used to pitch in have a say? Is the horse suffering from a terminal illness or is it just tired and resting up, unwilling at the moment to enter the forum of fiery debate about the life and works of the Hero of Kalamni, Bellapaix, Alexandria etc etc?
> Whatever happened to the spirit of L. Pursewarden, who wrote, "Protestant purely in the sense that I protest!"
> Yours, somewhat puzzled,
> David Green
> 16 William Street
> Marrickville NSW 2204
> Australia

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