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Durrell's love of the Elizabethans is that he admired the openness and wildness of that society — not that 16th century England is a mirror for 20th century English vices. 

Methinks Durrell's love of the Elizabethans was in part an antidote to 'Pudding Island 'and so The Black Book makes sense in this context. There is of course the openess and wildness of the English Language at the time before the puritans got their hands on it and changed the course of English forever; the colour and gaiety of medieval catholic Britain gradually painted over in sombre tones of Protestantism. Denise is reading 'Bitter Lemons" and finds it 'verbose'. I don't think Larry would have minded this. His writing was after all a rebellion against much of the modern writing of his time which was getting a bit grim and serious.

David Pinot Gris
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