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Bill and Charles,

I'm not one to make fun of family names — you live with what you've got — but Patrick von Richtofen's does cause me to pause and recall "The Red Baron."  Could this mean something?  I won't speculate.  Anyway, I have DL, vol. IV, no. 2 (in red cover, no less), which contains von Richtofen's "Lawrence Durrell, Prince of Denmark."  I see that Charles is much quicker to the draw than I am and has already provided the relevant passages.

Von Richthofen identifies Middleton's Blacke Book as a source for Durrell's Black Book and makes an interesting comment about Lucifer and the preeminent sin of pride — the very first and most important of the Seven Deadlies, the one that subsumes all the others — and its relevance to LD himself.  I think he's right.  Durrell's book reeks of pride, his own, his literary presumptuousness, sin or not.  I question, however, the observation about "Durrell's essentially conservative literary and historical outlook" re the Elizabethans.  My very limited sense of Durrell's love of the Elizabethans is that he admired the openness and wildness of that society — not that 16th century England is a mirror for 20th century English vices.  There I think he's wrong.  I don't see Durrell ever turning his nose at a brothel.  Godshalk and Pine can best weigh in on this subject.


On Nov 1, 2010, at 11:04 AM, Charles Sligh wrote:

> On 11/1/10 1:39 PM, Godshalk, William (godshawl) wrote:
>> Ray Morrison got his information from  Deus Loci 4 (1980) 3-11, in an essay by Patrick von  Richtofen.
> Happy to oblige, Bill.  See attached pdf, for which I have scanned only those pages making reference to Middleton & Durrell.  
> The remainder of Richtofen's piece treats Tropic of Cancer and the Hamlet letters, but not Middleton's Blacke Booke.  This seems an opportunity missed.
> In my opinion, you have plenty of work to do on The Black Book and The Blacke Booke, Bill.  You know Shakespeare, Middleton, Elizabethiana, &c. better than anyone else with a working knowledge of Durrell.  Go for it.  
> My appreciation to the late Carol Peirce and Virginia Carruthers who gifted me the full run of the Old Style Deus Loci.
> Charles
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