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On 11/1/10 1:39 PM, Godshalk, William (godshawl) wrote:

>         Ray Morrison got his information from  Deus Loci 4 (1980) 3-11, in an essay by Patrick von  Richtofen.

Happy to oblige, Bill.  See attached pdf, for which I have scanned only 
those pages making reference to Middleton & Durrell.

The remainder of Richtofen's piece treats /Tropic of Cancer/ and the 
/Hamlet/ letters, but not Middleton's /Blacke Booke/.  This seems an 
opportunity missed.

In my opinion, you have plenty of work to do on /The Black Book/ and 
/The Blacke Booke/, Bill.  You know Shakespeare, Middleton, 
Elizabethiana, &c. better than anyone else with a working knowledge of 
Durrell.  Go for it.

My appreciation to the late Carol Peirce and Virginia Carruthers who 
gifted me the full run of the Old Style /Deus Loci/.


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