[ilds] Ray, Patrick, Bruce and others

Godshalk, William (godshawl) godshawl at ucmail.uc.edu
Mon Nov 1 10:39:20 PDT 2010

Well, Durrellians, Ray Morrison got his information from  Deus Loci 4 (1980) 3-11, in an essay by Patrick von  Richtofen. Ray added to that essay. And actually we have added to Ray's essay. For example, see MacNiven Letters 83, where Durrell apparently has quoted a page and a half from Middleton. It's a bit vague, but perhaps that cribbed passage is still there and asking us to i.d. it. Also Bruce has added to the number of references to last wills and testaments in Durrell's BB. 

If anyone has #4 Old Style of Deus Loci, please give us a brief summary of von Richtofen's essay. Thanks.

Durrell says that he likes Middleton's work because it has such queer colours in it.


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