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I'm thinking of the city that lives the characters as its dolls vs. the 
life of the self that can be found in the rural islands; the pairing of 
autonomous individuals through love who must then negotiate the 
dissolving influence of desire on their autonomy; and the long tumble 
Durrell had the end of his life into a life lived through him and less 
by him.


James, I like this. Durrell's big multi volumes novels are both centered on cities: Avignon and Alexandria with a large cast including several women and then you have Durrell the "I" on his rural islands where the cast is smaller and secondary to the musings of the author. women, if do appear do not feature. Even Nancy and Eve are reduced to mere letters. metaphorically and otherwise the islands represent a calmer place for Durrell which we are invited to share in very different way from the city books.

To another matter - Durrell's borrowings if you like, last night on Rick Stein's Mediterranean Journey he read from Elizabeth David's book a passage about the taste of olives as old as the taste of cold water - remarkably similar to to Durrell's own lines in Prospero's Cell. given the publication dates of their respective works, I am thinking that  Durrell and David must have got this from some older text?


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