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I think we're in agreement here.  "Buttons" could be real, but she also seems to me fabricated, at least in part, starting with her moniker, which is the kind of nickname someone would give a cat or another pet, like the fictional Cunégonde in Caesar's Vast Ghost.  Then there's also her resemblance to characters in Durrell's fiction — Melissa in the Quartet and Sabine in Monsieur (p. 41), that grimy version of a gypsy, who also flits in and out of a story.  You could say he's basing these characters on real examples, but the recurrent pattern makes me suspicious.  Yes, Durrell was a fabulator, but quite possibly a far greater one than Robert Scholes imagines.  And by that I mean Durrell actually lived his fantasies.


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> Yes! Room 13 in all good hotels, does not exist. Is Buttons also nonexistent? An aporia?
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> That's very well put! And isn't there a novel here that one of us should write? Grove
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> Charles,
> Thanks.  If by "out of school" you mean "divulge secrets," then let's divulge more.  Seems to me this is the whole purpose of literary and biographical analysis.  "Buttons" flits in and out of Durrell's last years like that other "waif of the . . . littoral" (Bal. 140), Melissa.  Buttons is even described as having a small, dark, emaciated resemblance to the Greek dancer.  Maybe she too is "phthisic."  Why Room 13?  Is there in fact or ever was a Room 13 in the Hôtel Royal, Montparnasse?  Some hotels don't even have a Room 13 because of superstitiousness.  Durrell liked numerology, like his other dabblings in the occult; he also fantasized a lot, possibly lied.  Eve said he was unreliable when it came to facts.  She described a fabulator:  an "entertainer" who drew people into "his world," who would also "make things up on the spur of the moment to suit the occasion, [though] he believed what he said" (Haag, City of Memory, p. 250).  I'm wondering if something like all that is going on here with Buttons and Room 13.  Durrell's last years — don't they read like one of his novels?
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