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  On 9/15/10 10:57 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
> Now, what about those important questions — what's the importance of 
> Room 13, Hôtel Royale, Montparnasse, Paris? and who was "Buttons?"
I am not certain what you are asking.

Do you need more detail about Buttons than MacNiven gives?

        "Sometimes his solitude was noisily fractured by a visit from
        the young woman he called 'Buttons', an employee of the
        Department of Antiquities at the Sorbonne.  She was almost
        thirty but she looked much younger, with a girl's small-breasted
        figure, as dark-haired as Claude Kiefer was blonde, and not
        languorous but tremendously energetic.  Often she was none too
        fastidious either[. . . .]" (591).

Indeed.  Much more than that would be talking out of school, no?

No. 13?  The place "impregnated" with a sense of all that (and all 
those) one has done  -- cf. the /Durrell-Miller Letters/ 501.

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