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Amen Bruce. LGD may have imbibed eastern ideas and read Buddhist philosophy, 
but he was definitely a western style individualist - writing allowed him to 
live as a non conformist eccentric person in a way that he could not in 
other jobs. Durrell does not subsume his ego. He manifested it. Alcohol may 
have been part of it. I came across this -

"Gilman Ostrander explains that:  'alcoholism is basically a disease of 
individualism. if afflicts people who from early childhood develop a strong 
sense of being psychologically alone and on their own in the world. this 
solitary outlook prevents them from gaining emotional release through 
associations with other people, but they find they can get this release 
through drinking. ...the Encyclopedia Britannica points to 'inconsistency in 
rearing practices' as a major factor, and suggests that the potential 
alcoholic would begin to demonstrate 'defiant exhibitionistic deviance' from 
an early age.

Marc, this does not mean I don't like the guy or admire his work


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> I agree with Marc.  Durrell's personality suffuses his books.  That's what 
> makes them so enjoyable.  If Eastern philosophy largely involves the 
> extinction of the self, then Durrell's books fail utterly in this regard — 
> happily.  He doesn't practice what he preaches.
> Bruce
> On Sep 13, 2010, at 3:10 PM, Marc Piel wrote:
>> Durrell is there everywhere in every book and
>> whatever you say he will always be. That is part
>> of his talent that most do not have.
>> That is why we connect so well with him.
>> Marc
>> Le 13/09/10 22:53, Denise Tart & David Green a écrit :
>>> "Externalize yourself" may well have been Douglas's lifelong philosophy. 
>>> One
>>> could do worse . . .
>>> Certainly Durrell's three great Island books are more introspective than
>>> Douglas's South Wind, the later being written in the third rather than 
>>> first
>>> person for a start. There is a polished lightness to Douglas's touch 
>>> which
>>> may support Grove's idea of this authors externalisation.  There is
>>> something deeper, darker and more personal with Durrell's reflections 
>>> and
>>> introspections on Aegean or indeed Ionian Blue. Greece is indeed entered
>>> through a dark crystal and for all the the sunlight and sparkling water, 
>>> the
>>> author is there, brooding and mulling over the past - trying to get back 
>>> to
>>> Arcadian days but not finding them because he and the world has changed.
>>> David
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